Kearny, Stephen Watts

     The pronunciation of the general’s name is as good a place as any to start up this blog, which I envision as a place for updates and corrections to the encyclopedia.  I will (once I figure out how to do it) create and maintain an alphabetical list of corrections and additions that people who have purchased the encyclopedia can easily access.  Such a list will, of course, also make it much easier for me to create a second edition in two or three years.
     So, the first issue in the log of errata and additions is about the pronunciation of the name “Kearny.” The online Dictionary of Name Pronunciation lists KEER-nee as the first option, followed by something that sounds a little more like KUR-nee.  Tom Jones, an Arizona historian who has written about General Kearny, states flatly that the name is pronounced KAR-nee.  But, since Kearny died in 1848, long before sound recording, no one can possibly know how the general himself pronounced his own name.
     All this is really beside the point, however. The fact is that Tom Sharpe is exactly right about how the name is pronounced here in Santa Fe.  Kearny Avenue and Kearny Elementary School are consistently pronounced  KUR-nee, not KEER-nee, which is how it appears in the encyclopedia.  Mea culpa on this first of many anticipated corrections.
     The name Kearny does not currently appear in the list of audio pronunciations on the encyclopedia’s website, but it will be added soon, and it will be pronounced KUR-nee.
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